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  New Review:
Making the Irish American  
Making the Irish American By: J. J. Lee and Marion R. Casey
Reviewed by: Pamela Crossland
Publisher: New York University Press
Pages: 733
Abstract: This comprehensive volume is co-published with Gluckmans Ireland House, which is the center for Irish Studies at New York University.
  New Review:
Voices of American Muslims 
Voices of American Muslims By: Linda Brandi Cateura
Reviewed by: Syeda Z. Hamdani
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
Pages: 279
Abstract: Aren’t all Muslims living in the United States dark-skinned, uneducated, and non-modernized? Isn’t just about every Muslim a fanatic and an extremist? Linda Brandi Cateura’s book, Voices of American Muslims, aims to dispel these stereotypes by profiling 23 American Muslims of different backgrounds. Read more . . .
  New Review:
The God Factor: Inside the Spiritual Lives of Public People 
 The God Factor By: Cathleen Falsani
Reviewed by: Mona Lisa Safai
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Pages: 288
Author interview:
Mona Lisa Safai is has just interviewed Cathleen Falsani about her new book. Check out Mona Lisa's in-depth interview!

Abstract: In the United States, many Americans remain beholden to a faith; others succumb to spirituality, while some choose to question and challenge the outer realm. These concepts shape the beautiful tapestry which Cathleen Falsani bases her first book, The God Factor:Inside the Spiritual Lives of Public People. Read more . . .
  New Review:
 Clandestine Confessions 
Clandestine Confessions By: Nina Holden
Reviewed by: Erin Roberts
Publisher: Gavta Publishing
Pages: 184
Author interview: Erin Roberts interviews Nina Holden about her new book.

Abstract: With Clandestine Confessions, Nina Holden reminds us of how easily we can all become victims of rape, be it as a survivor, a parent, a friend, a classmate, a colleague or otherwise. That is why this book is important for us all to read. Read more . . .
  New Review:
Rainbow Dust 
Rainbow Dust By: Eleanor Roth
Reviewed by: Nancy Golas-Flinn Ludwin
Publisher: Treble Heart Books
Pages: 227
Abstract: Eleanor Roth combines youth and age together in an intriguing story of a paranormal experience that startles the main character, Margaret in the first page of the book. It is a story entwining the lives of two very different people, one alive and one dead and how both need each other - Margaret set on a road of self discovery while Zeke searches for the redemption that will finally set him free.
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  New Review:
Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis 
OLur endangered values By: Jimmy Carter
Reviewed by: Syeda Z. Hamdani
Publisher: Simon and Schuster,
Pages: 212
Abstract: In his most recent book, former President Jimmy Carter's makes a prediction that the worse is yet to come for Americans, if positive change doesn't happen. Ironically, an overly-religious group may be responsible for our country's problems. Carter sees religious conservatives in the Republican Party pushing America away from democracy, morality, and justice.
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  New Review:
The Web Library: Building a world-class personal library with free web resources 
The Web Library By: Nicholas G. Tomaiuolo; edited by Barbara Quint
Reviewed by: Ann Jensen
Publisher: Cyberage Books
Pages: 424
Abstract: This book is dense with timely and useful information.  As its title suggests, it is a guide to many different sources of freely available reliable information.  Eight categories of resources are thoroughly covered; articles and indexes; news sources; reference resources (both ready reference and sites for deep research);  sources of advice from living experts; electronic books; images; museum and exhibition sites; and software and other tools to enhance management of electronic materials.
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  New Review:
Nothing but Victory: The Army of the Tennessee, 1861-1865 
Nothing But Victory By: Steven E. Woodworth
Reviewed by: David Kelly
Publisher: Knopf (October 25, 2005)
Pages: 784
Abstract: Woodworth’s word craft is some of the best in the business. He has a gift for word imagery that makes maneuver and battle intelligible. He always surprises me with profound military lessons circumscribed almost accidentally in his narratives. His research and arguments are usually solid and supportable.
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