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Diary of a Curtain Twitcher by Andy Davie

Jacket: Hardcover
Pages: 248 pages
Publisher: Metropolis Ink; (February 2002)
Genre: Mystery Thriller
ISBN: 0957985827

Comments about the author: Forty-two year old Andy J W Davie is happily married and a proud father. He lives with his wife and daughter on the outskirts of London. Andy took up creative writing as a form of therapy, after the loss of his daughter Kira in 1997, and quickly became passionate about his stories.

His first novel Diary of Curtain Twitcher fuelled his passion enough that he is now working on his fourth and fifth novels, while working on his fourth screenplay.

Review: John Joiner asks for and finally receives paper and pen. Sitting down he scribbles, at first, only anger and frustration onto the pages. But soon the writer in him takes over and he begins the DIARY OF A CURTAIN TWITCHER. Recording on the pages the sequence of events that have put him: Under suspicion as a terrorist; under lock and key in a military holding cell; under the supervision of the unsympathetic military police.

John Joiner's deep emotional guilt over his part in the violent death of his fiancé Sara has escalated into a debilitating case of agoraphobia. It has been 3 years since he has been able to step from the confines of his house. Now, with an impressive array of technological equipment, and his computers, John lives vicariously through his neighbors. Monitoring their lives and actions, he develops characters and plots for the books he writes as Jack Jenior.

Maria enters his life in a rustle of silk stockings, and from the first moments of frustrating aggravation, his rapidly developing feelings and desire for her begin to change John's life. She becomes fascinated by his equipment and occupation when he notifies the police and foils a robbery at a neighbor’s house.

When they uncover a murder plot, John is concerned how his "spying" will be perceived, and convinced the police will never believe them. They decide to investigate on their own and warn the victims. But it is not a simple murder plot they have stepped into, and John must battle international terrorists, and his own fears if he is to save Maria.

Andy JW Davie has a strong voice and riveting writing style. The characters in DIARY OF A CURTAIN TWITCHER become alive and real for the reader, pulling you deeper and deeper into the intrigue and action. I found myself anxiously turning the pages for the next twist and turn the author weaves into the attention grabbing plot of this MUST READ thriller.

— Reviewed by: Charlene Austin


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