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Lakota Moon By Robyn Jackson

Jacket: Paperback
Pages: 326 pages
Publisher: Timothy Lane Press; (December 2003)
Genre: Romantic Fiction
ISBN: 0974475106

Comments about the author: Robyn Jackson is an award-winning writer with more than 21 years experience as a reporter and editor for daily and weekly newspapers. She is currently a features editor of the Hattiesburg (Miss.) American, a commentator for Mississippi Public Radio and a life coach specializing in helping writers achieve the next level of success. She is also the author of three historical novels, "Lakota Moon", "Lakota War Cry," and "Mitawa."
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Review: Bravo for a real love story that burns with true passion.

Inspired by a true story, Robyn Jackson's "Lakota Moon" begins when 13-year-old Mary Eliza McElroy and her family head across the Oregon Trail to begin a fresh start in life. And as Mary Eliza and her siblings sit around the campfire at night, they listen to guide Silas Wells' stories of the dangers of Indians along the trail. Even the trappers and traders warned them they were in hostile Sioux territory.

Then Mary Eliza's worst fear comes true as she is taken captive by a Lakota Warrior named Mysterious Medicine. Suddenly alone and away from her family, Mary Eliza must rely on those she has come to know only by the word of others and find the will to survive.

She soon finds herself a slave to Owl Woman, a kind-hearted Grandmother of the Lakota whom Mary Eliza begins to care for in time. As the months go by she begins to learn, understand and respect their ways of living and is even adopted by Owl Woman and the Lakota as one of their own.

Then suddenly everything changes as Mysterious Medicine begins to show his true feelings for her and her own feelings change for him as she falls in love for the first time. Now torn between her biological family and her adopted one, Mary Eliza must make the toughest decision of her life while facing war, jealousy, denial and tragedy along the way. In the end she will give way to her heart as it travels along the path of the Lakota and with Mysterious Medicine by her side, she finds an unconditional love that will never die.

So refreshingly different from the ordinary romance novels, "Lakota Moon" pulls it's own worthiness with a love story so powerful you won't want to put it down. Characters and scenery come to life and are rich with detail in every way as historical events stay true to it's own nature allowing "Lakota Moon" to pull readers right into the story. We see a side of the Lakota and the white woman who became a part of them that many have never wittnessed before.

The first of three novels, "Lakota Moon" will capture your heart and leave you feeling breathless from beginning to end. Robyn Jackson is a phenomenal storyteller in her own unique way and her Novel "Lakota Moon" is a keeper on any native romance fan's bookshelf.

A sample Chapter of "Lakota Moon" is available at:

— Reviewed by: Shyan Marie


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