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The Road to Weird By Peggy Tibbetts

Jacket: Paperback
Pages: 182 pages
Publisher: Zumaya Publishing
Genre: Young Adult
ISBN: 1869942590

Comments about the author: Peggy Tibbetts has worked as an associate producer of educational videos for Upper Midwest Films, contributing editor for Children's Magic Window magazine, and Children's Writing Resource Editor at Currently she writes a monthly column for children's writers, "Advice from a Caterpillar," at And she is Managing Editor of the Writing World newsletter. She lives with her family in Silt, Colorado. Visit the author's website

Review: Author Peggy Tibbetts has produced a delightful two story combination for young readers in her new book Road to Weird.

Carly's Ghost

When her family moves from St. Paul to the mountains of Colorado, Carly figures not having to share a room with her moody older sister, Jackie, might just be worth a little homesickness.

She loves her new room with its balcony and view of the river, even with its drafts that chill her and constantly slam her door shut. But Jackie is now blaming her for all kinds of strange happenings and accidents.

When Carly finds a hidden room beneath her closet floor and the diary of the young girl who used to live in the house, she sets out to clear her name and prove the rumors her new home is haunted are true. But is Carly's Ghost friend or foe?

Harpo Marx is Seeing Things

When she wakes up with a nurse bending over her and a mind as foggy as her vision without her glasses, her first thought is ER. When she looks at her wrist band and reads the name Harpo Marx, and her father goes by Groucho and her brother is Chico, she decides this is definitely a sitcom.

But when the visions start clouding her days, and her nights are filled with nightmare warnings of danger, thirteen-year-old Harpo Marx has to find a way to make someone believe she is not joking this time. She goes to a classmate, the sheriff's son, and though her first prediction results in the rescue of a father and son, they must battle prejudice and disbelief if they are to save a young child.

The Road to Weird is a thrilling, chilling, fun, delightful read for young and old alike.

Author Peggy Tibbetts captures the trials and struggles of a teen adjusting to a new home while battling sibling rivalry and combines it with the tension and mystery of a haunted house in Carly's Ghost. She nails the satiric wit of a teen dealing with the confusion of new, strange powers of prediction and pulls you into the suspense of a desperate chase to save a child in Harpo Marx is Seeing things. Carly and Harpo are wonderfully real and human, leaping from page to mind and heart. You will want to keep these new friends on your shelf for a long time.

— Reviewed by: Charlene Austin


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