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One 11 Millionth of a War By Frank Maleckas Jr.

Jacket: Paperback
Pages: 202 pages
Publisher: Aldon Maleckas
Genre: Military

Comments about the author: Requests to purchase this book should be directed to:
Aldon Maleckas 2624 West Decker Road Ludington, MI 49431 231-843-7865 Price is $14.95 plus $5.00 shipping USD, or $21.95 plus $6.00 shipping Canadian.

Featured ReviewReview: I regret not having the opportunity to talk with my grandfathers about their experiences in World War II: I was just too young. By the time I had grown enough to appreciate how great that generation was, they had passed away. I do live with that regret, but look for ways to lessen the affect on me by seeking out true stories of World War II veterans. Maleckas' "One 11 Millionth Of a War" is certainly one of those stories.

We need more books like this! First, this book is a very easy read. I had to force myself to read it slowly because I simply did not want to finish this book. It made me feel as if I was having a conversation or listening to a story rather than reading words on a page. Not only does this tell the story of a World War II navigator (and what a story it is!), but also Maleckas perhaps unknowingly gives a glimpse of what that generation did for us. I urge everyone, especially the younger generation, to seek out World War II veterans and get their stories.

I highly recommend this book to all. You do not need a military background to enjoy this real life story. With all the uncertainty in the world today, this book gives us confidence in the American Soldier. I cannot thank Frank enough for the sacrifices he and his many comrades made so that I can live the life of freedom that I do.

— Reviewed by: Bob Morse
Senior Systems Programmer
Brown University

Editor's Note:

This is the first time I have added an editorial note to a reviewer's work but I feel strongly enough about this book that I would be remiss to pass on this opportunity. Reviewer Bob Morse is perhaps a bit modest about his past when signing his review. Bob is a twenty-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force. During his enlistment, he served actively in several of our nation's armed conflicts: He is Air Force to the core. He is also exceptionally well read and discriminating about what he chooses to read and write about. I knew this when I asked Bob to write the review of One Eleven Millionth of a War. If this story had merit, Bob Morse would know that.

Like Bob, I feel this is a story that needs to be told. It has its importance not just in the telling of one man's struggle against the elements, a combatant adversary and himself, but also in a broader scope. As Morse's review points out so well, Frank Maleckas' generation is passing from this place. With them go the stories of their personal sacrifice for the good of our nation and for our people. Stories like One Eleven Millionth of a War add an important and often overlooked facet to our literature. Reading histories compiled by our greatest historians have their importance when we seek to understand the larger picture of armed conflict, its causes and its implications. However, it is the humble stories like those told by Frank Maleckas, Jr. that put meat on the bones of our nation's sacrifice and show us all just how terrible warfare truly is: story, by story, by story.

Timothy E. McMahon
Executive Editor
Northeast Book Reviews

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